‘Refugee’ has a new home

I have just uploaded a video that I made in 2014 to YouTube. It used to be on Vimeo. Here is the new link

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Balance Point: A 20 year retrospective documentary of Kate Church

Kate Church and I have worked together on various theatre projects.  In 2016, I recorded this show at The Mary E Black Gallery in Halifax. I’ve posted it on YouTube. Here is the link

Friends of Kate have started a GoFundMe page for Kate as she has to give up work for a while to get well again.


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I’ve created a string trio to be underscoring for a series of Tai Chi videos I’ve edited after Sifu George Thomas travelled to Canada from India to visit our group in Mahone Bay at the end of May. We had two days of his incredible instruction which we recorded with two cameras (sometimes  with his daughter, Nimisha, recording  additional  ‘footage’ on a phone while moving among us!)

It was a fantastic workshop and now we have a video legacy to further our knowledge of Tai Chi.


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Happy New Year

I love the tradition of writing compositions for family events. There have been many weddings and one funeral so far and I’ve been recording this music and will add more over the coming months. In November, my daughter, Gwyneth was married to Zach (‘Water’) and in December my niece, Lauren was married to Mark. (‘Banff’). Thirty four years ago I wrote ‘Processional’ for Nina and Werner and this music was requested by Lauren for her processional music. I’m also including ‘Wedding Planxty’ for my mother, Donna when she married John. It was played at her funeral as well. All the best in 2018!

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A Murder With Music

‘A Murder With Music’ is a hybrid of concert and staged play, music theatre set in the world of technology, social media and rock and roll. It has traditional police detective elements; both Agatha Christie and Ian Rankin have influence here. There are twists that the audience will expect and a surprise ending that few will guess.

Writing ‘A Murder With Music’ has allowed me to move beyond writing plays with music into something new; this hybrid is an exciting new form of theatre for me. It is not opera but sometimes will feel like it with through-composed passages. The audience will be drawn back to the spoken dialogue between the police officers as they examine evidence and statements given by the suspects. Many songs are performed by the whole cast, some of the characters sing their roles while others mostly speak them. This helps to illuminate the contrast between the different worlds that police and suspects inhabit, a theme I wanted to explore in this piece. I’ve uploaded ‘A Serious Crime’ for you to hear. This work has grown out of earlier work on a play with music called ‘A Trick Of Light’. (for those keeping track…the song ‘Trick Of Light’ is included in this show)

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Balance Point

Balance Point features the work of international artist Kate Church. Kate’s twenty year retrospective was shown at the Mary E Black Gallery in Halifax, last August. We have collaborated in theatre productions in the past and I have been a fan for a long time. Last year, Laurel and I spent some time visiting Kate in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, where she has a winter studio. We saw the beginnings of her creation of these horses and their ‘spirit’ riders. Thanks, Kate, for the inspiration!

I need to  add that I’ve left vimeo and will be making this video available in some other way soon!


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Waterborne: Dreaming of the Robin L

This summer I took a workshop about making documentaries. What a great time working with Dawn, Yvonne and Bob, sponsored by the Lunenburg Doc Fest. ‘Waterborne’ is an interview with boat builder Bill Lutwick and incorporates lots of ‘B’ reel  of him sailing the Robin L 24 which he designed and built. He is a very warm and inspiring man and a master of his craft!

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Refugee on vimeo

My song Refugee is now my first music video…here’s the link

Thanks to my friend, Dante, I know a bit more about editing in Final Cut Pro X. (in particular, scaling and opacity and using keyframes).

Can’t wait to get on with the next one.


I need to add that I’ve left vimeo and will make this video available in some other way soon!

On The Dock of (Mahone) Bay


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A Christmas Carol

Sunday and Monday, December 20 and 21st at 7pm,  we perform our fourth production of  ‘A Christmas Carol’. I adapted this version from Dicken’s classic tale of redemption and have included period carols and songs. Endure a haunting visit by Marley’s ghost and see the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Be disappear into thin air! We are at the Chester United Baptist Church this year with proceeds going to the Starfish Refugee Project.

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Just Show Up…and Sing

Just Show Up invites you to https://vimeo.com/147177213 to view our video recording of the  November session  and ‘Cecillia’.  Your next opportunity to join us is on Monday, December 28 at 2:30 pm at The Mug & Anchor when the theme will bring a bit of  respite from the winter darkness: ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by George Harrison and the Beatles. Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo…

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