A Murder With Music

‘A Murder With Music’ is a hybrid of concert and staged play, music theatre set in the world of technology, social media and rock and roll. It has traditional police detective elements; both Agatha Christie and Ian Rankin have influence here. There are twists that the audience will expect and a surprise ending that few will guess.

Writing ‘A Murder With Music’ has allowed me to move beyond writing plays with music into something new; this hybrid is an exciting new form of theatre for me. It is not opera but sometimes will feel like it with through-composed passages. The audience will be drawn back to the spoken dialogue between the police officers as they examine evidence and statements given by the suspects. Many songs are performed by the whole cast, some of the characters sing their roles while others mostly speak them. This helps to illuminate the contrast between the different worlds that police and suspects inhabit, a theme I wanted to explore in this piece. I’ve uploaded ‘A Serious Crime’ for you to hear. This work has grown out of earlier work on a play with music called ‘A Trick Of Light’. (for those keeping track…the song ‘Trick Of Light’ is included in this show)

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