A Trick Of Light: a mystery with music

Conan Doyle, Christie, Sayers, James: The bar is set high for anyone taking the leap into the murder mystery genre.  I’ve just completed my own ‘who done it’ called ‘A Trick Of Light: a mystery with music. There will be a body; there will be humour…

Plot Outline: Detective Colin Forth, still mourning the death of his brother one year earlier, is called to the home of Jay Wide, where the body of the famous aging rock star has been found. There is no apparent cause of death, perhaps it’s a natural death. That’s not good enough for Forth. The detective blames Jay for a death of a loved one so he adds an empty pill bottle to the scene hoping to ‘muddy the waters’ and also catch up three others in the investigation: Jay’s wife, Sherina, Jay’s twin brother, Jonah and Hank, the manager, whom he blames as well. The ensuing operation reveals that they all had motives for wanting Jay dead. Can Inspector Tweed sift through the alibis and evidence and figure it all out? How does Deb Clark, Jay’s stalker/blogger, fit into the case?

‘A Trick Of Light’ is the opening song and a demo is on Reverbnation…I’ve just added ‘Shadow Now’. Enjoy


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