Mrs.Joudrey’s Cat: writing a song…

Here are the lyrics: It is a march tune which I will record and post soon. The verses are in two parts with different music; darker than the chorus…to all cats: beware the ides of March !…

I’ll take this moment to dedicate this to our cat, Rufus, who so far, doesn’t suspect a thing…

(aka Mrs. Joudrey’s Cat)

Chorus: I would like to make a hat out of Mrs. Joudrey’s cat

Then I’d wander through the town, O, what a spree!

With Joudrey’s cat upon my brow, I would be the cat’s meow

Then everyone would think the world of me



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One Response to Mrs.Joudrey’s Cat: writing a song…

  1. Tom says:

    We want a picture of the cat!

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