Thanks to all those who came out to Just Show Up in October.   Cecelia by Simon and Garfunkel is this session’s song. We are being joined by great local musicians Paul Buchanan and Tom Myers. Listen to the song and then Just Show Up , November 21 at 2:30 at the Mug & Anchor !!t

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Just Show Up

Just Show Up is a new project for singers of all ages and experience. Here are the basics: Just show up  at the Mug and Anchor Pub, on October 17 at 2:30. You will be handed some lyrics, learn a part for the song within your comfort zone and then perform it  over the next two hours with a group of enthusiastic singers. First up is Joel Plaskett’s Through & Through & Through. Give it a listen and then Just Show Up. The cost is $5.

This idea is based on the very successful ‘Choir! Choir! Choir!’.

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Mrs. Joudrey’s Cat

All you people who are ‘underwhelmed’ by the worship of cats in our culture will enjoy this update of a song from several years back which was written for a locally produced comedy revue called Ruby Zwicker’s Recipe For Hodge Podge. 

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A Trick Of Light: a mystery with music

Conan Doyle, Christie, Sayers, James: The bar is set high for anyone taking the leap into the murder mystery genre.  I’ve just completed my own ‘who done it’ called ‘A Trick Of Light: a mystery with music. There will be a body; there will be humour…

Plot Outline: Detective Colin Forth, still mourning the death of his brother one year earlier, is called to the home of Jay Wide, where the body of the famous aging rock star has been found. There is no apparent cause of death, perhaps it’s a natural death. That’s not good enough for Forth. The detective blames Jay for a death of a loved one so he adds an empty pill bottle to the scene hoping to ‘muddy the waters’ and also catch up three others in the investigation: Jay’s wife, Sherina, Jay’s twin brother, Jonah and Hank, the manager, whom he blames as well. The ensuing operation reveals that they all had motives for wanting Jay dead. Can Inspector Tweed sift through the alibis and evidence and figure it all out? How does Deb Clark, Jay’s stalker/blogger, fit into the case?

‘A Trick Of Light’ is the opening song and a demo is on Reverbnation…I’ve just added ‘Shadow Now’. Enjoy


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A Taste and A Teaser: ‘Where Ya From? Beyond Tolerance

by Megan Chandler 2014

Look for our Spring 2015 provincial tour of Where Ya From? Beyond Tolerance , a play about Pluralism. To help promote and get support for the tour I put together these two short trailers. If you’d like some idea of what the show is about go to:

A Taste

A Teaser

Enthusiastically engage with people from different world beliefs here in Canada!


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The Invisible And The Invisible Ones

This song idea originated during a Kinship discussion when one member of the group said, in relation to people of different  cultures living in our area, that we should consider the ‘visible and invisible ones’.   A little idea ‘hatched’ in my brain and kept running around for a few weeks and has fully ‘fledged’ into this little reggae number. It is meant to close Where Ya From?, our pluralism play and has a sing- a-long chorus…try it out.

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Where Ya From? Beyond Tolerance

Kinship II is a project in Lunenburg/Queens for people 18-30 years of age to enhance their knowledge, understanding and respect for diversity of secular and spiritual views. The group has had sessions in Bridgewater with  speakers  representing  a variety of cultural backgrounds and has traveled to various places of worship in the Halifax area.

We are working as a group to write a play on pluralism called Where Ya From? Beyond Tolerance where we explore diversity through scenes, sketch comedy and song.The performances will combine live theatre with pre-recorded video interviews with people from different traditions. We begin school touring in May for Grades 5-8.

Inspirit Vocabulary Session

I am grateful to be dramaturge, composer and director with these creative young people. The first song composed for the show is Refugee



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A Trick Of Light

I love the momentary tricks that our eyes, distance and light can play on us. The brain keeps processing until it resolves the image and re-establishes ‘reality’ … Love is a similar struggle, especially at the beginning when it can have a lot in common with a theatrical performance like a magician and her audience. Are things as they appear or is it just a trick of light?


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Under An Open Sky

Under An Open Sky is from a comedy with music I wrote in 2008, commissioned by Parks Canada. S.H.A.R.K. (Society For Humans At Risk, Keji) is the tale of a group of animals at risk of extinction who are concerned about the viability of the local human population. They have noticed an apparent ‘die-off’ in the young adult population (but the audience knows they went to Calgary for jobs). The Blandings Turtle and the Flying Squirrel form the society with the aim of capturing a ‘mating’ couple to observe in a natural habitat.

The play was written to encourage people to learn more about Species At Risk. We had a lovely summer tour through the south-west and South Shore of  Nova Scotia and would have continued but for the financial ‘fallout’ of Fall 2008.

Under An Open Sky is sung by Turtle and Squirrel as they travel through the forest.


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The Last World Tour

Enviro-Guy Confronts Apathetica

(Douglass Ross and Laurel Darnell in scene from The Last World Tour)

This is the  theme song from The Last World Tour (a green comedy) (2010). I set out to write a comic play with music  which would entertain while exploring the environmental crisis on the planet and in the community. This song is sung in a travel agency extolling the virtues of  ‘disaster tourism’…’see the sights before they’re no more’…

Other songs from The Last World Tour include Beautiful Planet, Ordinary Girl, The Separation Blues, Farming In The City,  and Progress

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