The Last World Tour

Enviro-Guy Confronts Apathetica

(Douglass Ross and Laurel Darnell in scene from The Last World Tour)

This is the  theme song from The Last World Tour (a green comedy) (2010). I set out to write a comic play with music  which would entertain while exploring the environmental crisis on the planet and in the community. This song is sung in a travel agency extolling the virtues of  ‘disaster tourism’…’see the sights before they’re no more’…

Other songs from The Last World Tour include Beautiful Planet, Ordinary Girl, The Separation Blues, Farming In The City,  and Progress

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  1. Diana says:

    Loved ‘The last World Tour’, Laurel is the best actress! We were so lucky to be in Mahone Bay to see the play. Fantastic.

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