Under An Open Sky

Under An Open Sky is from a comedy with music I wrote in 2008, commissioned by Parks Canada. S.H.A.R.K. (Society For Humans At Risk, Keji) is the tale of a group of animals at risk of extinction who are concerned about the viability of the local human population. They have noticed an apparent ‘die-off’ in the young adult population (but the audience knows they went to Calgary for jobs). The Blandings Turtle and the Flying Squirrel form the society with the aim of capturing a ‘mating’ couple to observe in a natural habitat.

The play was written to encourage people to learn more about Species At Risk. We had a lovely summer tour through the south-west and South Shore of  Nova Scotia and would have continued but for the financial ‘fallout’ of Fall 2008.

Under An Open Sky is sung by Turtle and Squirrel as they travel through the forest.


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